Susan - Journey Updates

Hi Shlomo
I received my oil earlier this week and used it for the first time on Wednesday. It was a very interesting experience to open the bottle and apply the oil to my forehead, particularly, because I had a sensory memory of having an anointing with oil from my father. My father was a minister for a Christian based fundamental religion that incorporated the Old Testament with the New Testament Bible and believed in the laying on of hands and anointing with olive oil. Although I haven’t followed the tenets of the that church for 35 years, I was suddenly swept back to the power of the laying on of hands and how my father did have that ability to channel healing energy, although, he would never have thought of it in those terms, only believing it was only God’s spirit doing the work and nothing to do with himself, all a matter of semantics. When I applied the oil to myself within a minute or so I felt such a sense of calm and settling of my mind and the inner swirling of dialogue and what ifs. I am ready to see what is revealed through the continued use of the healing olive. Thank you for your offering to me and giving me the opportunity to experience this possibility.

Thank you, Susan, for sharing! As I said in my letter to you, it is all good, all te way…

It hasn’t been a complete month since I started using the healing olive but I noticed a subtle shift in my energy field and consciousness once I had signed up to receive the oil. There was an openness and more willingness to say yes to opportunities and ability to even see the events that were possible opportunities. I felt a very deep calm from the first time I applied the oil. I will normally apply it in the morning but if I have forgotten that day, I sort of have a sense of being able to savior the moment of doing so later in the day. My personal journey over the past five or more years has been to keep myself in the moment while releasing anxiety and stress because I know I am always taken care of in the end; it’s an ongoing journey, but I feel the oil is assisting me in this journey by helping me to focus on those feeling of being nurtured. I have a feeling of connection with the sun, earth and the universe when I apply the oil.
I have been able to let go of things that no longer serve my journey in the last month and I am continuing to clean “house” a little at a time to get to the essentials by clearing away clutter that becomes an irritant, being able to set boundaries for myself where I can feel appreciated and useful; sometimes that means saying “no” to people which has not been in my vocabulary for someone in the healing arts. I am realizing there needs to be a mutually beneficial exchange of energy in the sense of giving and receiving. It is a little difficult for me to always know when the time is right to do that or should I hang in there even if the relationship feels difficult because I would learn some deeper lesson that I am not currently aware of, or is it just okay to cut that relationship loose so both parties have a better chance for growth. It is all a wonderful growing opportunity and the oil is helping me focus on what I really want my reality to be. Thank You!

I’ve been using the olive oil for 2 months now. I feel like the effects from the oil are very subtle which I have often found to mean it is integrating into me rather than a huge explosion of change. I am continuing to take stock of my life and where I am and what I need to take care of myself. I’m not feeling so bad about saying no to things and requests and knowing that it is for the higher good even for the people receiving the no from me; there is a different path for them. I feel overall happier and more contented with what is and not what I think is supposed to be. I am allowing myself to see the next step as it appears to me. Staying the moment. The sense I first felt when using the oil is still with me.
Thank you!

Hi, I have been using the healing olive oil and I continue to feel that it has a very calming and grounding effect on me. There has been so much turmoil in both my personal life and in the world and throughout all of it I have mostly been able to keep centered and grounded; when I really start to spin out I will suddenly remember to use the oil and receive that sense of calm again. I really appreciate the essence of the oil.

I am finishing my fourth month using the healing olive now and I continue to feel the benefits and grounding quality with the oil. I have been feeling a bit of turmoil over the last few months and the oil helps to bring me back to my center. As always it has a very soothing and calming effect on me. It reminds me to keep taking care of myself and then I can help others.

Well my six months are at a close with the healing olive. I immediately had a sense of calming when when I first used it and that continues. I believe that there has been a subtle shift in my reality and ability to negotiate potentially stressful situations with more ease. Some of these things have been an ongoing project for me: learning to ride through issues that are recurring themes in my life, money concerns, global concerns, what am I doing with this life I have?, but I feel that the oil has helped accelerate my ability to transcend the feelings that get me mired in fear, self doubt and obsessiveness. I’ve been able to take better care of myself overall and that includes setting up better boundaries for what I can or can not do without compromising my personal needs. It has been easier to say no to requests that will add stress to my life and I am experiencing such a relief and freedom from obligations that don’t serve me and from the feelings that somebody has to do “this” meaning any number of things that show up in my community or globally even when it isn’t in my best interest. I can let the hysteria die down and then be more focused in the ways that will be most helpful instead of having a knee-jerk reaction to situations. I am able to tap into the well of healing calm much more easily. I am also able to put myself into the path of potential methods of healing more often; I am much more open to the wonders of the universe and all that is provides. Thank you, Shlomo for the opportunity to have this experience.