My experience with Drop of youth

It has been a couple of weeks since I received the drop of youth. I have been putting a drop on my forehead daily. Things have become even more magical for me and much faster. Before receiving the oil things would happen slower. Last week got a deal on Valentine’s flower that the employee at Walmart were throwing away and also discounting. I asked her about the flowers. I got a deal $15.99 flowers for $3.00 for a bouquet of orange/peach dozen Roses. The other bouquet $24.00 for $5.00. I needed a vase for my flowers and was using a blender cup. Lol. I told the employee all I need now is a vase and she said hold on and went to the back and came out with two free vases. I hugged her and thanked her. When I checked out she found me and gave me another vase. I was shocked. I set intentions daily of what I would like to manifest. I have been writing an intention for months that I would find $20.00 on the ground. Today leaving the grocery store there was at least i thought was $20.00 and picked it up because it was folded up and it was $50.00. I was so grateful and cried tears of joy. I have been sick this week with dizziness and headaches. Drinking lots of water which has helped. I think I may have caught something. I have also been doing meditation, affirmations in the mirror and self-love. I have been doing the inner work with changing my limiting beliefs for the last six years. That has been my experience the last couple of weeks since using the oil.

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