Kristyna K - Journey Updates

Since I have got my Healing Olive there was a lot of changing in my life. Sometimes I could observe some situations in my life which I was considering negative, but at the end everything what was happing was constantly improving my reality. Sometimes I had to say NO and be less permissive.
I received my Healing Olive with a letter where Shlomo invites me to love myself and I really did so.
I have discovered that everything starts with loving myself. This is absolutely the first step to live in harmony. This is the center!
Some of my results:
I am working on being very independent and constantly improving myself and my work. I am travelling for work and visiting some of the Canary Islands where I was imaging to go. I live like I am always on holiday. Everything around me is very friendly and beautiful. Everyday I am enjoying a sea view.
I always meet very kind and lovely people.
I am planning to visit for a longer period French Polynesia which is one of my dream and I am very happy for taking this decision.
All my thoughts are very positive and full of love. I can see with clarity, I always find an answer, I am my leader, my teacher, my guru. :slight_smile:

I can see my new and creative future. The key to success is to discover and explore my unique and orginal ME. No insecurity! Let’s permit myself to be someone very special!

So I am not going to wish you anything shlomo…I am saying that all the energy of purification, of love, of improvement , of dreams coming true, of joy and spirituality ,that I have received because of the Healing Olive, will comes to you (shlomo) 100 times! Better be ready for that! It will be powerful feeling!