Keith - Journey Updates

Received the olive oil yesterday. Quite a beautiful bottle it arrived in. Immediately placed it on head and heart and relished the wave of peaceful energy that comforted me. I slept very well and had vivid dreams all night. I am excited about the possibilities for the future. I highly recommend this experience for others.

My first monthly update. After receiving the healing olive oil about 3 weeks ago I have noticed that I am becoming a bit more comfortable with myself. Instead of striving for always something better I catch myself relaxing into who I am at this moment. I have also uncovered a new depth of love for my wife again. I have also noticed that I have lost some weight during this time. Life is certainly not perfect, but that’s certainly OK with me. Thanks again Shlomo.

This is my second monthly update. I am continuing to discover things being brought into my life that are healing me in different aspects. Old memories surface that need my attention so they can be released, herbs to help with low body temperature that were unknown to me, job opportunities that may bring about great change in my life, and reminders to pay attention to moments to just “be”. I’m enjoying the ride with the healing olive oil, it’s not always easy (shaking up my apple cart in some areas such as work and children) but I know that it’s a means to bring out the greatest version of myself to the surface.
Thanks again Schomo. - Keith

Month 3 update. Lot’s of changes in my life. A mental strength I did not know I had has surfaced, a tenacity to follow things through to the finish and my mind is becoming more clear and focused more on the important things in life. I am sleeping much better. Thanks again Shlomo!