Healing olive has arrived

Hey everyone!!
So today I received my healing olive. So grateful for the speedy delivery. I have not used it yet. But will start tomorrow. I’ve been reading everyone’s testimonials & I learned a lot from you guys. I have been preparing myself mentally. Firstly, I have completely discontinued any other methods I have been using. Why? Because I saw a lot of ppl confused about whether it was the healing olive or something else that had helped them. In my opinion if a week ago you didn’t have the healing olive & suddenly it’s in your life & things change. Well, that question wouldn’t even exist. But , just for the sake of everyone opinion, I have decided not to do any other workings during this time of me using the healing olive. That being said, I am keeping a small diary of each & every day whether something noticeably happens or not. I say noticeably because I know there are things happening beyond this realm that we all can’t see here in the matrix. Furthermore, I believe it’s important to clear the mind & become still. The more you question what your doing the more thoughts your forming , the further you are from nothingness. Since we all are trying to gain something different yet still the same. It’s important to not over analyze everything & know that with change comes loss.But the kind of loss you gain from. So here I am speaking to you all with upmost grace & I know for Certain I’ll be back here with greater details. Until then , the universe & I are one. Bless you all. BlessShlomo-Sending you divine light.