Christine Hegvold

I sincerely apologize, I have been using oil for three months now and this is my first update! I can tell you what transpired for me in these three months though, because I have been keeping track even though I have not posted them.

The first month I had a point where I felt like I was coming completely unraveled emotionally. It was the week before my birthday, and I have not felt that level of desperation for quite some time. It improved almost as soon as my birthday arrived. That was the most significant part of my first month of using the oil.

The second month was still a little bit rocky emotionally, but relatively uneventful.

The third month is when I started seeing some significant changes happening in a very positive way. I started doing a number of programs that have helped me physically, mentally, and emotionally and I have noticed a change in my perception of reality. Truly! My outlook is positive and upbeat these days; I am consistently taking better care of myself than I have for most of my life, and physically I have much more energy than I have had for a long time; I have started a regular meditation program which feels like it feeds my soul.
I have also started approaching life as if it is a holodeck on Star Trek where the computer responds to my commands, except it is Life and it responds to my thoughts and beliefs. As a result, wonderful things and experiences are beginning to show up in my life. Slowly at first, but I can feel the momentum growing.

Thank you, Shlomo for making this oil available to me!